Is your Internet Marketing Business Affected By The Change in EU VAT Rules

You may be aware, although many internet marketers are not, that the rules for selling to consumers & non-VAT registered business in the EU are changing.Download book

It was assumed that the changes in the rules were only for broadcasting and telecommunications but it also covers everybody that sells digitally. It can be the sale of an e-book, online courses or video education tools. Coaches that set up selling courses on “how to ….” are just as affected as Netflix selling a downloadable film.

The new rules depend on how you sell, if there is any human intervention in the sale, who you sell too and where they are based.

The new rules can be summarised in the following infographic.


A blog post was created to explain in detail how internet marketers will be affected by the new rules, but it ended up being nearly five pages long and rather complicated.

How can we help?

Some aspects of the whole EU change are still being discussed and HMRC issuing advice. We are collecting all that advise so we can advise clients.

If you need help, please contact us and we will email a questionnaire for you to answer so we can understand more about your business. For £29.00 (no VAT charged), we will let you know how the change could affect you and possible steps to put into place in order to comply with the new regulations.


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