How to Access Your Digital Tax Account

Welcome to The Singing Accountant’s Guide to Tax and Accounts. This quick video is how to access your digital tax account.

So you might be asking what is the tax account. Well, this is an online system where you can access anything and everything potentially to do with your tax affairs that will include income tax, checking up on PAYE that you might’ve paid, national insurance records, pension forecasts, have you got any gaps in your pension, and also things like your self-assessment tax returns. Sometimes when you need to apply for certain schemes, it then says, you can Google it and you’ll be sent a quick sort of… bring up sort of please log into your digital tax account. And it will then take you to the correct area in the website, in order to apply for whatever scheme it might be.

For example, for musicians and singers travelling into Europe, then if you researched the new A1 form, there will be a page that’s been updated in December 2020, and it gives you a link to get to the A1 form. You click on the “I am the person”, and it will actually ask you to log in to your digital personal tax account. And then you can start filling in the form. If you try and find it, when you’re already logged into your digital tax account, you probably won’t find it. So these things only come up when you actually search for them.

So there are things like the A1 form, which is travelling to Europe. If you want to do, or you probably don’t want to do it, but if you have to do capital gains tax on the sale of a rental property or a second home, that’s where it comes in. To change your name and address with company’s house, you’d go into your personal account and do it. There are things like the marriage transfer allowance. You can, I believe apply for child benefit and all sorts of things that are within that account that may not be that obvious.

So what you would end up doing, you would via a search engine, you can go and search for log into HMRC Online Services, and it will bring you up this page and it’ll bring you up this screen.


So you can actually click on the button, sign in. Or you can type direct that URL and it will take you in to the signup or the sign in rather using the Government Gateway. The previous screen will take you to here when you press sign in. So it takes you to the same place, no matter which way you go.


If you don’t already have the Government Gateway, then you’ll be able to go to their YouTube video and follow guidance as to how to set up your Government Gateway account. It does assume a UK passport to the video. So if you have to verify yourself by another method, the video doesn’t take you through it. So it does automatically assume you are verifying yourself with a UK passport.

You will eventually get two accounts. One is your personal tax account, which is where you see anything relating to you as a person. And then if you link it up correctly and you’ve got this business tax account, if you click on there, then it will take you to the business side and that’ll be things like self-assessment, VAT or anything else that might relate to a business.

So, that’s how you get into it. You go back to the login screen and you get into it from there. Don’t get confused, if you start on the business tax account at the bottom, there is a link to the personal account, and then don’t be confused if you kick off with the personal tax account, there is a link to the business account. Why they can’t make it all one I’m really not sure, but hey-ho it’s all one login and that’s all you need.

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