Test & Trace Support Payments – Are these taxable?


This is a really, really quick video, with a bit more information all about grants – Test & Trace Support Payments – Are these taxable?

This time we are talking about the Test and Trace Support Payments that you might get if you are self-employed and on a low income.

So we know that the SEISS grants were taxable. We know about the Creative Wales, Creative Scotland, and the Arts Council England COVID hardship grants – that they all are deemed taxable income by HMRC.

What you may not have realised is that if you got pinged during the pandemic, and it was after the time they introduced the Test and Track grant, you could get up to £500 from the local council. If you
were pinged and you had to isolate, were on low income or self-employed, and you could prove that you were going to lose income due to having to isolate, etc, you could claim this grant.

Woo hoo. That’s great I hear you say!

However, you probably didn’t realise that the Test and Trace support payment scheme is taxable income. So it does need to be on your tax return if you are self-employed.

Really sorry. If you were employed, then your tax coding should have been changed for that payment. If you are self-employed, it must get reported on your self-assessment tax return as other grants received in the self-employment income section.

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