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SMAE members / Chiropodist/podiatrists

As a qualified Chiropodist/podiatrist or member of the SMAE  I am sure you install in your clients minds the importance to their overall health of looking after their feet.

I am sure you’ll agree, that often people take their feet for granted and only really focus on them if something major happen to them, something so severe it stops them being able to perform their day-to-day duties effectively.

As a foot health specialist, most professionals will give advice on preventing foot problems and how to care for their feet to ensure they stay in great condition before anything major happens to them, and that’s Performance Accountancy’s approach to giving tax planning or accounting advice.

Tax planning and expenses advice to SMAE members, chiropodists & foot-care experts.

…Previously, Performance Accountancy owner Louise Herrington, visited the SMAE Summer School to talk about the relevant tax planning that self employed foot health care specialists should be aware of.

To many entering the profession, your primary thought right now may well be on growing your business, and ensuring a steady stream of income from your clients seeking advice to keep their feet healthy…

…However it’s also a great time to understand what taxes you will need to pay, and the expenses that are tax deductible within your business.  The expenses you are able to put against your self assessment tax return as a member of the  medical profession can vary so it’s work getting guidance from a professional accountant or tax planning expert.

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We are sure you will find this white paper extremely useful to keep you on top of your finances.

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