Alternative & Holistic Therapists

The business side of being in the therapists field can be quite daunting. You spend all day giving your energy to your clients, looking after their health & wellness, then you need to return to your business to do all that painful day to day administration. It’s not why you took this career path.

Therapists and taxation are not happy partners, which is where we come in. We understand where you are and the things that block your personal energy. We work with you to help unblock this negativity so you can continue caring for others. Our team guide you through everything that needs to be done for your legal responsibilities, and take some of that pressure away.

We offer a complete process of posting your receipts to us through to filing your self assessment tax return, or just a review of your accounts and filing your return. The choice is yours. Packages are varied and as each client has individual requirements, we adapt our role accordingly.

Typical services include:

Calming for holistic therapies

Canadian Rockies and the glaciers

We have written a paper to help guide you through the typical costs you would have as part of your therapist business. To obtain a copy, please enter your details below and once confirmed, we will email the white paper to you.



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