Client Access

Welcome to the client access page to information you may need, plus access to our client portal where you can update your information (mainly address and name), and deposit any tax information you want us to have in order to do you tax returns each year, or company information.

Client portal access can be found here >>>   and click on Sign In. Below is what you will see and not the actual sign in . You need to click on the link earlier




The system will tell us when anything new has been put onto the portal, but please let us know if you have loaded everything ready for us to do your returns. I will put a video up here to show how to use the portal, but to deposit documents, please go to documents where you will see folder/create folder, and the ability to load documents.


Performers Spreadsheet:  This is the tool many clients are currently using to record their self employed income and self employed expenses. Please click on the link and download – it will only work in excel as it is formula base, but if opened in numbers, google sheets or ods, then it will give the gist of what’s going on.

Spreadsheet here >>>>>>>>>>>

Other things you may be interested in to help you with your tax & accounts and HMRC (and why pay me to do it when these things can be done if you have access to your online digital tax accounts (Government gateway):

How to get into your HMRC tax account –

How to get your SA 302 or Mortgage Documents –

How to amend your address at HMRC –

Finding your PAYE info for your tax return –


How to pay your self assessment tax bill  –

How to get your tax return refund –

How much do I owe HMRC –


The next few videos are for setting up your digital tax account and setting up as self employed

how to create your own tax account with HMRC –

how to set up as self employed at HMRC –

link personal tax account to self assessment –


I really hope this is useful for you, and if you would like other “help” videos, please let me know via the contact form.