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We are proud to announce that as from July 2015, Performance Accountancy are the recommended supplier for tax return services for the members of the ISM. Oh my, that is years ago. Crumbs.

For the tax year 2022/2023, there is a £140 saving off the basic tax return service meaning the cost is £210 + VAT. What is the basic tax return service?  You collect all your paperwork and effectively create your bookkeeping of income and costs of the tax year – ideally electronically. We can provide an excel workbook for you to use for this. Great if you are a PC user, OK if you have a MAC and office, but not so good if you use numbers. We normally sell this excel workbook given the time it has taken to develop, but as part of our offer to ISM members, we can email it to you if you request it. Of course, if you really can’t do this bookkeeping lark, then we do provide a bookkeeping service – which will be an extra cost.

Once you have worked out your self employment accounts, you’ll then need to let us know about any PAYE income, foreign income, interest, dividends, student loans, property income if you rent out property or a room, pensions in and out, any charitable donations, and of course any other income I may have missed. Don’t worry, we are not asking for your first born.

We are more than happy for you to scan and email information, but please let us have the excel file as excel as we don’t like re-typing things. If you can’t scan documents, then lob it all into the post for us, and we can go from there. You will get it back as our office can overflow with paper.

When we have all information and various formalities taken place, we’ll come up with a draft tax return for you to review and sign electronically, we’ll bill you (we like that part), and once the bill has been paid, file you return for you.

As you agent, we can monitor progress of the return, see what payments are due when and badger you close to the payment deadlines of HMRC. All part of the service.

Talking of service, if you think we have given you a good service, then please send us a video testimonial – can be done on an iPhone (other smart phones are available) – or a written testimonial, and tell you friends & colleagues who may be struggling. We would like to use your testimonials on our websites, advertising & marketing promotions.

There you have it, I think that is it. We are really pleased to be recognised as the ISM’s supplier and hope to be working with you soon.  Contact us on 01344 834262* or email us on [email protected] and we can chat about how we can help you.

Have fun.



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*Please note that calls to this number may be recorded for use in training purposes and as memory joggers.