Performance Accountancy are a Chartered Accountancy firm in Berkshire and we have over twenty years experience in giving personal and business tax advice and providing bookkeeping services.

Our goal is to take away your headaches and simplify your life, by keeping your accounts in great order, so you can focus on your life and your business.

We are the only Chartered Accountant with a Professional Operatic Background specialising in accounting and tax requirements for those in the Performing Arts Industry

How we can help

  • Working with you to accurately complete your Annual return filing.
  • Preparation of tax returns to ensure you meet your obligations as either a sole trader, limited company or partnership.
  • Preparation of VAT and Corporation Tax returns for your company.
  • Business Process review, processes mapping and change management.
  • One to one or group training on accounting for your small business.
  • In house Finance Management for small companies
  • Your Day-to-day bookkeeping
  • Your Cash flow forecasting
  • Your Payroll outsourcing (UK)

Sign Up For Your FREE Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Worth £97

The spreadsheet has been built for the self employed person to be able to capture their costs in an ordered fashion which will make it easier to complete the page in the self assessment tax return.

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